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Knights of St Columba

Province 10 - East Anglia and Brentwood


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PGK Email: pgk_province10@ksc.org.uk
PGK Telephone: 0795 2954833

Membership Email: membership-province10@ksc.org.uk
Membership Telephone: 0741 1372748


Becoming a Knight is a privilege but also one that can transform your spiritual and social life.

As a practicing Catholic man, if you have an interest serving your parish and Diocese, helping those less fortunate than yourself, developing your own faith and being part of a Brotherhood of like-minded Catholic friends then, the Knights of St Columba could be ideal for you.

Family is at the heart of a Knights Catholic life.
Following in our family’s faith we are first baptised as children and go on to choose to receive the other sacraments and develop our Faith.

As Knights, we seek to develop our Parish and Catholic life along with our ‘Brothers’ and our families. Joining the order need not be onerous, you can give as much or as little time as your working/family life allows.

Standing together in Faith, with our Families by our side, in our Fraternity, we will continue to make a difference and be a force for good.

Provincial Structure

At local levels, members belong to a Council or Charter Council, led by the Grand Knight.

The Charter Councils in an area (often corresponding to a Catholic Diocese) come together to form a Province, under the Provincial Grand Knight.  


The Provincial Officers meet monthly whilst the Provincial Council (Provincial officers and two representatives from each Council meets quarterly every year in Provionce 10 Brentwood.


Representatives of the Provinces meet at least once annually at the Supreme Council which governs the Order.



The Supreme Knight presides over the Supreme Council and the Provincial Grand Knight presides over the Provincial Council.


Province 10 Officers

Brother Liam Rand
Provincial Grand Knight

Rev. Fr. Leslie Knight
Provincial Chaplain

Brother Peter Dowse               Deputy PGK/Youth Officer

Brother Jude Adigwe
Prov. Membership Officer

Brother Segrid Ayers  
Provincial Chamcellor

Brother Brian Rodgers
Provincial Secretary

Brother Cyprian Alozie   Provincial Treasurer 

Brother Damian Dillon
Prov. Action Convenor

Brother John Rands
Provincial Warden

Brother Brian Dillon
Past PGK & Training Officer

Brother Andrew Burns
Immediate Past PGK

Brother Mike Dean
Communications Officer  Provincial Auditor 1

Brother Ralph Thompson
Provincial Auditor 2

Brother George Johnson Past Prov. Grand Knight 

Brother Doug Mongan    Past Prov. Grand Knight

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